With the “bike and trek” excursion you will discover the wonderful treasures of the historic towns of Tricase and Specchia, two of the most beautiful villages of Italy and of the Mediterranean. A guided tour will take us to visit some wonders: from the Church of San Domenico in Baroque style to Palazzo Gallone: a 15th century Castle.
The tour starts by bike from Piazza Pisanelli to Tricase, pedalling along the streets of the historic centre you will enjoy the scents of the ovens of the typical.

While admiring Pajare, Trulli (typical buildings), dry stone walls and the colors of the Salento countryside, we will visit the hypogean rock church built by the Basilian monks: the Crypt of the Madonna del Gonfalone, a place of intense charm.
The ride continues and reaches Specchia (rewarded as best Borgo d’Italia in 2013), a fascinating village carved in tuff stone, that transmits a profound sense of spirituality and authenticity. In the magnificent and hystoric location of Piazza del Popolo you will taste the Salento aperitif with a selection of cheeses, Frisa Pugliese and a good Negroamaro wine.

Start: Giuseppe Pisanelli Square – Tricase
Finish: Don Tonino Bello Square – Tricase
Length: 3.30 h – Round bike trip.
Cost: 20€ per person.